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 You know that feeling that bubbles up inside of you when you chose your soul mate and partner for life and all of things you want to say but too flustered to express how you feel?

Debra can help. Debra's passion is writing wedding Vows Of Love. Working with Debra, you will begin by choosing a selection from any of her "Favorite Vows". You can choose pieces and parts and rewrite the words that best describe your passions!

Debra Nardi is a licensed wedding minister in the State of Florida. Your ceremony is a Legal Marriage, filed with the court with a certified copy delivered to you in person or by mail.

I Specialize In Custom Ceremonies

Whether it's a traditional or same-sex wedding, inter-racial, inter-denominational, Christian, Hindu, or Jewish...every wedding and every family has a "Tradition".  From having your pet walk the rings down the aisle,  adding children, remembering loved ones, a sand ceremony, ring blessing or stone blessing....every ceremony is uniquely yours...from "Start To Finish" to the final..."I Do" and sealing your marriage with a "Kiss"!

Custom Vows

Wedding Vows

​​​​​Let us work together on writing your own unique "Vows Of Love" from the Heart and Soul...